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2013-2014 學年行事历

9/14/2013 開學第一天 First Day of School

11/30 感恩節 Thanksgiving Day (不上課 School Closed)

12/7 (不上課 School Closed)

12/14 中文演講比賽 Chinese Speech Contest,義賣籌款 Fundraising

12/28 and 1/4 寒假 Holiday Recess (不上課 School Closed)

2/1 中國農曆新年 Chinese Lunar New Year (不上課 School Closed)

2/15 新春聯歡會(暫定) Chinese New Year Celebration (tentative)

2/22 寒假 Winter Recess (不上課 School Closed)

4/19 and 4/26 春假 Spring Recess (不上課 School Closed)

5/24 國殤紀念日 Memorial Day (不上課 School Closed)

6/14 學年最後一天 Last Day of School

下載2013-14學年行事歷 Download the 2013-14 School Calendar


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